A Sense of Place at Southampton Arts Center, February 24 – April 9, 2017

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

“A place can be interpreted in many ways. Traditionally, geography and the natural environment play a leading role in the interpretation. This exhibition is envisioned as a dialogue among artists reflecting their own concept of “a sense of place” in different ways, might it be in a physical manner or as a conceptual representation of what an environment can be.

Artists leave marks to define their spaces physically and emotionally. On the eastern tip of Long Island we are surrounded by a unique formation of geology and geography, and by a particular sense of natural beauty and complexity of man-made markings, all of which invites creatively diverse approaches to the idea of place and one’s own identity.” — Southampton Arts Center


Exhibition entrance. Bastienne Schmidt, Untitled; Grid Map based on a map of Long Island from 1675, 2017


Mary Heilmann. Left: Serape Line-Up, 2017. Right: Psychedelic Night Wave, 2017


Philippe Cheng. Left: Untitled, 2011. Right: Untitled, 2011


Installation view of A Sense of Place


Edwina von Gal & Perfect Earth Project, Worlds Within Worlds, 2017


Installation view of A Sense of Place


Philippe Cheng. Left to right: Untitled, 2006, Untitled, 2006, Untitled, 2004, Untitled, 2002


Christopher French. Left to right: Event Horizon, 2016, As the Land and the Air Is, 2007, Arranging the Aftermath, 2016, Shoot Out the Lights, 2016


Installation view of A Sense of Place


Saskia Friedrich, The Sun is Shining, 2016


Almond Zigmund, (People) Places and Things (detail), 2007-2017


Almond Zigmund, (People) Places and Things, 2007-2017


Installation view of A Sense of Place


Left: Toni Ross, Do Not Look Behind this Wall: A Response to Denial, 2017. Right: Bastienne Schmidt, Untitled, This is not a Live Saving Device, 2017


Installation view of A Sense of Place. Center: Toni Ross, Democracy, 2017


Bastienne Schmidt. Left to right: Untitled; Dividing Line, 2017, Untitled; Cones, 2017, Untitled; Seeds – We the People, 2017, Untitled; Local Weeds, 2017, Untitled; Silhouettes of Countries, 2017


Left: Louise Eastman and Janis Stemmermann, Marigold #5 and Marigold #6, 2016. Center: Michelle Stuart, 108 Milkweed Seed, Johnson, VT, 1995-1996


Michelle Stuart, Extinct No. 2, 1992


Installation view of A Sense of Place

“I have been interested for many years, as an artist, traveler, and cultural observer, to understand how we shape our own sense of place and how it shapes us.” says exhibition organizer Bastienne Schmidt. “We as artists speak in a language of images, colors, and shapes, responding to concerns and impressions, might they be cultural, social, environmental, emotional, or political. What brings us all together as a human species is to have the safety of a sense of place.”