Outsider Art: from the Jessica Weber Collection at The Century Association, May 12- July 29, 2022

Outsider Art: from the collection of Jessica Weber opens at The Century Association on May 12. The exhibition captures the achievement and diversity of self taught artists. The works using different materials and techniques confront personal and social concerns. The exhibit showcases 24 works of Minnie Adkins, Clementine Hunter, David Butler, Sister Gertrude Morgan, B.F. Perkins, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Mose Tolliver, and Terry Turrell.

“About thirty years ago I was mesmerized by a wooden sculpture of an angel in a gallery window on Madison Avenue. It stopped me in my tracks and I could not take my eyes off of it. I was surprised by the unfamiliar yet striking intimacy I felt. I had never seen such raw power in such a common object. There was an innocence and unabashed self expression in it that touched my heart.” — Jessica Weber

Minnie Adkins (1934– ). Guardian Angel, 1995. 22”(ht) x 13”(w), carved, painted basswood
Clementine Hunter (1886–1988). Girl Pulling Peach Cart with Chicken, late 1960s. 9.5”(ht) x 11.75”(w),oil on canvas board
David Butler (1898–1997). Untitled – Spirit Window. 27”(ht) x 27.75”(w), cut tin and house paint
Sister Gertrude Morgan (1900–1980). Holy Bible, Book Devine. 12.5”(ht) x 9”(w), pencil, watercolor, gouache and ink on paper
B.F. Perkins (1904–1993). A Great Nation, 2/2/92. 23.25”(ht) x 35.25”9W), oil/acrylic on canvas
Jimmy Lee Sudduth (1910–2007). Untitled, c.1985. 23.25” x 24”, mud, sugar water, acrylic, craft paint on board
Mose Tolliver (1915–2006). (Left) Erotic Painted Gourd, c. 1990, 10” (ht) x 9” (w). (Right) Painted Birdhouse, c.1990. 8” (ht)
Terry Turrell (1946– ) . Cacti, 2007.14.5”(ht) x 15.5”(w), mixed media on paper and board

Images courtesy Jessica Weber.