Gillian Laub: Family Matters at International Center of Photography (ICP), September 24, 2021-January 10, 2022

“A new exhibition this fall at the International Center of Photography (ICP) offers renowned New York-based photographer Gillian Laub’s picture of an American family saga that feels both anguished and hopeful. Gillian Laub: Family Matters balances empathy with critical perspective, humor with horror, the closeness of family with the distance of the artist. The exhibition is curated by David Campany, ICP’s Managing Director of Programs, and coincides with the publication of a companion book by Aperture.” — ICP

“Photography is an ideal medium for mixed feelings and ambiguities,” said David Campany. “In the two decades it has taken Gillian Laub to tell the story of her family, she has walked the finest of lines between humor and anguish, empathy and tension, irony, and sincerity. There are no easy answers here, just the honest narration of a complicated life.”

“This project is an exploration of the conflicted feelings I have about where I come from—which includes people I love and treasure, but with whom, most recently in a divided America, I have also struggled mightily,” said Gillian Laub. “It is made with the intention to accept as well as to challenge—both them and myself.”

Gillian Laub, Grandpa helping Grandma out, 1999. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Grandma’s bedside table, 2004. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Chappaqua backyard, 2000. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Dad carving the turkey, 2004. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, My cousin Jamie with captive audience, 2003. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Cooper, Nolan and Bailey, 2003. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Slater’s bris, 2007. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Wedding dress fitting, 2008. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, Mom and Dad with the wedding planner, 2008. © Gillian Laub
Gillian Laub, End of summer, 2008. © Gillian Laub

The exhibition is in the museum’s new building at 79 Essex Street in New York. The fall/winter season at ICP also will feature the exhibitions Diana Markosian: Santa Barbara and INWARD: Reflections on Interiority.

Images courtesy International Center of Photography (ICP).