Museo del Prado 1819-2019: A Place of Memory at Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, through March 10, 2019

“This exhibition looks back on two hundred years of history shared by the Museum and society, as well as focusing on Spain’s heritage policy, the developments that helped to build up the Museum’s collections, and the transformation of the Prado into a point of reference so that Spanish and foreign writers, intellectuals and artists could reflect on Spain’s past and the country’s collective identity. 

Organised around the art and documentary collections at the Prado (both visual and sound archives), which shall be exhibited alongside works by artists who have come into contact with the Museum over the last two centuries (such as Renoir, Manet, Chase, Picasso, Arikha, Rosales, Saura and Pollock, amongst others), the exhibition presents a total of 168 original works, 34 from different Spanish and foreign institutions, together with a significant variety of complementary materials such as documents, maps, pictures, photographs and audiovisual installations. 

Since the Museo Real opened its doors on 19th November 1819 with works from the Royal Collections, this institution has served as one of the leading depositaries for the history of Western art, a key point of reference for Spanish culture and an object of collective pride. Some two hundred years after it was founded, the Museo del Prado would like to reflect on all this and share its celebrations, especially with those who visit the exhibition, an exhibition designed to provide a rich insight into the Museum’s development and historical significance.” — Museo del Prado

Museo del Prado, view of the Queen Isabel II gallery. Juan Laurent y Minier, Photograph, 244 x 337 mm, h. 1879. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

Museo del Prado, view of the Velázquez gallery. José Lacoste y Borde, Photograph, 166 x 230 mm, 1900-1907. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

“Group of spectators in front of a copy, by Velázquez, Cebreros, Ávila, 13-17 de noviembre de 1932”. Madrid, Archivo fotográfico de la Residencia de Estudiantes © Museo Nacional del Prado

María Isabel de Braganza as Founder of the Museo del Prado, Bernardo López Piquer, 1829. Oil on canvas, 258 x 174 cm. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

Crucified Christ, Diego Velázquez. Oil on canvas, 248 x 169 cm, h. 1632. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

Dyptic with 42 monumental views of Spanish cities, Genaro Pérez Villaamil y Duquet. Oil on paper and panel, 172.5 x 89.4 x 14.5 cm, 1833-1838. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

In the Dresden gallery, Karl Louis Preusser, 1881. Oil on canvas, 68 x 87 cm. Dresden, © Albertinum | Galerie Neue Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen

Scenes from Nastagio degli Onesti, Sandro Botticelli. Mixed technique on panel, 83.5 x 142.5 cm, 1483. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

The Countess of Chinchón, Francisco de Goya. Oil on canvas, 216 x 144 cm, 1800. Madrid, © Museo Nacional del Prado

Alice in the Mirror, William M. Chase. Oil on canvas, 89.5 x 81.2 cm. © Parrish Art Museum

Amazon, Édouard Manet. Oil on canvas, 73 x 52 cm, h. 1882. Madrid, © Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza

Las Meninas, Pablo Picasso. Oil on canvas, 129 x 161 cm, 18/9/1957. Barcelona, © Museu Picasso

The Antechamber, Equipo Crónica. Acrylic on canvas, 140.5 x 140.5 cm., 1968 Palma, © Colección Fundación Juan March, Museu Fundación Juan March

Museo del Prado 1819-2019: A Place of Memory was organised by Javier Portús, Chief Curator of Spanish Painting (up to 1700) at Museo del Prado.  

Title image: Exhibition galleries “1819-2019. A place of memory”. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado. 

Images courtesy Museo del Prado.