Reencounter at Museo Nacional del Prado, June 6 – November 29, 2020

The Museo del Prado is reopening with a spectacular new installation of its permanent collection. The Central Gallery, an extensive architectural space flooded with natural light, now becomes the principal axis for this new hanging which includes the majority of the collection’s most iconic works, offering a unique and unprecedented experience.

This new installation, comprising 249 works, follows a principally chronological order from the 15th century to the dawn of the 20th century. Given its exceptional nature, however, the emphasis on national schools has been reduced in favour of establishing dialogues between artists and paintings separated by time and place: associations that suggest influences, admiration and rivalries and which emphasise the profoundly self-referential nature of the Museo del Prado’s collections.  

‘Reencounter’ evokes the type of display that existed when the Museo del Prado first opened to the public.” ― Museo Nacional del Prado

Exhibition views of “Reencounter”.


Room 24. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado


Room 12. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado


Room 32. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado


Room 28. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado


Room 8B. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado

Title image: “Reencounter”. Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado. 

Images courtesy Museo Nacional del Prado.