Lita Cabellut visually interprets Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding, published by Artika, February 19, 2020

Artika, the Barcelona-based artists’ book publisher, releases Blood Wedding, its newest book, by Spanish artist Lita Cabellut (Born in Sariñena, Spain in 1961). In this book, with both Spanish and English text, Cabellut visually translates Federico García Lorca’s theatrical masterpiece with 31 previously unpublished figurative drawings. Blood Wedding, written in 1933, is a tale of passion, jealousy, persecution and murder in Andalusia.

Artika’s 120-page, handsewn book, which took four years to complete, is a limited edition run of 1998. The book’s 31 die-cut prints are exact reproductions of the original artwork created for this project. Packaged in a specially designed case that includes the art book, a study book, and a special Amor (Love) print ‘Blood Wedding’. The front of the case has Cabellut’s drawing of the bride from the García Lorca play and the back is created from copies of paint-rollers that she uses for her work.

“Federico García Lorca is my spiritual guide. I share his passion, energy, and feelings,” says Lita Cabellut. “He is a master of contrasts, vividly capturing the light and the darkness in the souls of all human beings. Human beauty and brutality are the underlying themes in Blood Wedding, a poignant societal critique written with love and understanding.”

15 Estuche cerrado perspectiva-lita-alta-bl

Closed Book Case (front and back)

05 Lámina cenital-lita-alta-bl

Die-cut print

07 Libro estudios abierto-2-lita-alta-bl

Study Book

08 Libro estudios abierto-1-lita-alta-bl

Study Book

09 Libro arte abierto-Lita-alta-bl

Art Book

10 Libro arte abierto-1-Lita-alta-bl

Art Book

18 Libro estudios-3-lita-alta-bl

Art Book


Lita Cabellut. Photo © Manolo Yllera

“This book has been a unique opportunity for Artika to create a collaboration between Lita Cabellut, one of Spain’s most important contemporary artists, and Federico García Lorca, a titan of Spanish literature,” says Marc Buil, Artika Global Director. “For Blood Wedding, Cabellut has managed to transform García Lorca’s words into brushstrokes of love, rage, and passion. She has connected with the play in her own special way. We thank her for her generosity and passion.”

The book’s essays were written by Antoni Vila Casas, president of the Fundació Vila Casas, art critic Robert C Morgan, and critic, scholar and curator Francisco Carpio.

Images courtesy Artika.