Gaïa, what are you becoming? at Guerlain House, Paris, October 18 – November 8, 2019.

“In the name of the beauty of the planet, Guerlain looks to the future as it presents its new exhibition, Gaïa, what are you becoming? in its historic boutique, Guerlain House, at number 68, the Champs-Élysées. Part of FIAC’s ‘Private Itinerary’ since 2006, this annual event is a celebration of the long-standing links between Guerlain and the contemporary arts scene.

The exhibition Gaïa, what are you becoming? brings together around twenty artists from all over the world who will shine a light on the precarious state of our natural world. A tribute to Gaia, goddess of the Earth in the Greek pantheon, the exhibition is a call to recognize that we all have a responsibility to act, confronted as we are by a challenge that concerns every one of us: protecting our planet to ensure the generations that come after us have a future to look forward to.

The twenty or so participating artists take different approaches, some offering a lyrical paean to the wonders of nature, others condemning the impact of unbridled, reckless human activity upon the environment. Whatever their perspective, all seek to highlight the urgent need to re-examine how we relate to this world.” — Guerlain

Allora & Calzadilla

Jennifer Allora et Guillermo Calzadilla. Contract (AOC L), 2014. silkscreen on linen, 243 x 182 cm. A&C14 3. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris © Sebastiano Pellion di Persano

Julian Charrière

Julian Charrière. Some pigeons are more equals than others, 2012. Photographic print on Hahnemühle paper, 38 x 27 cm © Julian Charrière

Ali Cherri - The Melancholy of Birds A, 2017, 4 lithographies ©Ali Cherri

Ali Cherri. The Melancholy of Birds A, 2017. 4 lithographs, 105 x 74.5 x 3.5 cm (each one, with frame). Edition de 5. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Imane Farès, Paris © Ali Cherri

Russel Crotty - TheCape, 2010 ©©Tous droits réservés

Russell Crotty. The cape, 2010. Ballpoint pen ink, ball and watercolor on paper laid on fiberglass globe, 91,44 x 91,44 cm (36 x 36 in.). Courtesy the artist and Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris. All rights reserved

Mark Dion Souvenir from Mysterious Seas 2015

Mark Dion. Souvenir from Mysterious Seas, 2015. Glass and brass showcase, papier mache objects, fluorescent paint, 20 x 77 x 40 cm © Rebecca Fanuele. Courtesy the artist and galerie In Situ – fabienne leclerc, Paris. Private Collection

Chen Duxi - Bonsai, 2018 © Hao Ge

Chen Duxi. Bonsai, 2018. Ink on silk, 70x50cm. Courtesy Chen Duxi et YISHU 8 © HAO Ge

Andy Goldsworthy, Foxgloves threded onto rushes

Andy Goldsworthy. Beach Cairn, 1987. Photograph: 47,5 x 47,5 cm. Text: 22 x 32 cm. Edition of 5. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Lelong & Co. © Fabrice Gibert

Max Hooper Schneider - Proving Pool, 2018 © High Art

Max Hooper Schneider. Proving Pool, 2018. Modified washing machine, filtration system, UV lamps, artificial plants, uranium glass, textiles, Danio fish. Approx. 85x 90x 85cm. Courtesy the artist and High Art, Paris © High Art

Eva Jospin

Eva Jospin. Forêt, 2019. Wood and cardboard. Plexiglass protection. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris. Private Collection © Benoît Fougeirol

Clay Ketter -Building on Other Planets

Clay Ketter. Building on other planets, 2009. Mixed technique, 82 x 82 x 4 cm. Collection Florence and Daniel Guerlain, Paris. Courtesy Galerie Templon, Paris/Bruxelles ©B. Huet-Tutti

Neil Lang Bee Wars Episode II 2019 Image Clip 2 ©Neil Lang

Neil Lang. Bee Wars Episode II Clip 2, 2019. Video, 3′ 40′. Courtesy Galerie Odile Ouizeman / ART500 © Neil Lang

Ibrahim Mahama - Untitled 2014 © Private Collection, London

Ibrahim Mahama. Untitled, 2014. Coal sack, 183 x 213 cm. Courtesy Private Collection, London

Kate MccGwire - Paradox, 2019 © JP Bland courtesy of Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire. Paradox, 2019. Mixed media with pheasant cock feathers. Cabinet: bespoke wooden cabinet (ebonised sapele) with glass panels, 56 x 40 x 40 cm. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Les filles du calvaire, Paris © JP Bland courtesy of Kate MccGwire

Untld #6

Fabrice Monteiro. Prophecy #6, 2014. Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310gr N° Inv. FM1812006H. Courtesy MAGNIN-A Gallery, Paris © Fabrice Monteiro

Vik Muniz - Bee, 2016 ©Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz. Bee, 2016. Photograph, 180 X 180 cm. Courtesy Vik Muniz © Vik Muniz

Otobong Nkanga Alterscapes Playground A, 2005-2015 ©Otobong Nkanga

Otobong Nkanga. Alterscapes : Playground (A), 2005-2015. c -print mounted on aluminum, 50 x 67 cm ( 54 x 71 x 4 cm framed ). Edition 5/7 ex + 1 AP. Courtesy the artist and galerie In Situ – Fabienne leclerc, Paris © Otobong Nkanga

Lucy et Jorge Orta - Drop Parachute

Lucy & Jorge Orta. Antarctic Village – No Borders, Drop Parachute – Ref 5066, 2007. Coated polyamide, fiberglass chopsticks, various textiles, national flags, calabashes, buckets, utensils, objects, silkscreen, straps, crate of the Red Cross, 116x 117 x 130 cm. Courtesy Lucy + Jorge Orta ©Thierry Bal / ADAGP

Sigismond de Vajay - Five continents and us, 2013 © Sigismond de Vajay

Sigismond de Vajay. Five continents and us, 2013. Watercolor, 53 x 72 cm. Courtesy the artist  and de XIPPAS © Sigismond de Vajay

Douglas White, Black sun

Douglas White. Black Sun, 2010. Fragment, yew roots, steel, fiberboard s, 209x 220 x 84cm. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Odile Ouizeman

Li Xin, 2016.9.26, H, 185x320cm, huile sur toile

Li Xin. 2016.9.26 H, 2016. Ink painting, 185 x 320 cm. Courtesy Li Xin © Li Xin

Images courtesy Guerlain House.