The travelling exhibition “Prête-moi ton rêve” (Lend me Your Dream) opened in Casablanca on June 18, 2019 and closes in Marrakesh in 2020

“The Fondation pour le Développement de la Culture Contemporaine Africaine (FDCCA) organised a major travelling exhibition entitled “Prête-moi ton rêve” (Lend me Your Dream) which opens in Casablanca on 18 June 2019. The exhibition brings together some thirty world famous African artists of 15 different nationalities and will visit 6 countries across the continent. After Casablanca, the group show will travel to Dakar, Abidjan, Lagos, Addis Ababa and Cape Town over a period of twelve months, rather like a cultural caravan representing contemporary African art. It will close in Marrakesh in 2020.

This first ambitious project brins together more than 100 previously unseen creations produced by the artists during residencies prior to the event, together with some of their most iconic pieces. The travelling exhibition is a reflection of the abundance and vitality of the African art scene. It aims to increase the international visibility of local contemporary artists, to give rise to a pan-African circuit of cultural distribution and to foster dialogue and exchange between established and emerging artists.” — FDCCA

1. Olu AmodaFCCD © Fouad MAAZOUZ-60

Olu Amoda, Red Nest, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

1. Mahi BinebineJ 6 LMDA ©MAAZOUZ-39

Mahi Binebine, Sans titre, 2015. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

2. Zoulikha BouabdellahFCCD © Fouad MAAZOUZ-58

Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Mirages suspendus, 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

3. Meriem BouderbalaFCCD 2 © Fouad MAAZOUZ-3

Meriem Bouderbala, Scars II. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

4. FM-3.jpg soly cisse

Soly Cissé, Comme des héros, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz


Viyé Diba, Illusion, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

7. FM-5 copie.jpg Jems Koko bi Les Homme de cédre

Jems Koko Bi, Les Hommes de cèdre, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

7. FM-12.jpg Abdoulaye Konate

Abdoulaye Konaté, Rouge touareg n°1, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

Siriki Ky test copie

Siriki Ky, Têtes précieuses, 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

8. Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondocv dfc-© MAAZOUZ

Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, La reine Rwej (mère symbolique de l’Empire lunda), 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

13. nnena Okoré FCCD © Fouad MAAZOUZ-11

Nnenna Okoré, Earthbound. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

Yazid Oulab FCCD 2 © Fouad MAAZOUZ-8

Yazid Oulab, Sans titre, 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

9. Chéri Samba c dfc-© MAAZOUZ-2

Chéri Samba, Le secret d’un petit poisson devenu grand. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

FCCD 2 © Fouad MAAZOUZ-9

Kofi Setordji, Dialogue, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

12. Fathiya Tahiri FCCD 2 © Fouad MAAZOUZ-5

Fathiya Tahiri, La Fourmi, 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

12. FM-27.jpg Bartélémy toguo

Barthélémy Toguo, Homo planta II, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

13. Freddy Tsimba FCCD © Fouad MAAZOUZ-64

Freddy Tsimba, Les Amants du fort de Romainville, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

14. Ouattara Watts FCCD 2 © Fouad MAAZOUZ-10

Ouattara Watts, Sans Titre, 2018. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

Fatiha Zemmouri FCCD © Fouad MAAZOUZ-54.jpg Zemouri Dyptique

Fatiha Zemmouri, Floating sea weed, 2019. Photo © Fouad Maazouz

“Prête-moi ton rêve” shows the work of the following artists: Jane Alexander, Olu Amoda, El Anatsui, Fouad Bellamine, Mahi Bine Bine, Zoulikha Bouabdelah, Meriem Bouderbala, Soly Cissé, Viyé Diba, Adel El Siwi, William Kentridge, Jems Koko Bi, Abdoulaye Konaté, Bill Kouelany, Siriki Ky, Mohamed Melehi, Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, Nenna Okoré, Mohammed Omar Khalil, Yazid Oulab, Chéri Samba, Kofi Sétordji, Joseph Sumégné, Fathiya Tahiri, Barthélémy Toguo, Freddy Tsimba, Ouattara Watts, Fatiha Zemmouri, Dominique Zinkpé.

The exhibition was curated by Yacouba Konaté, general curator and Brahim Alaoui, Artistic curator.

Title image: Photo © Fouad Maazouz.

Images courtesy Fondation pour le Développement de la Culture Contemporaine Africaine.