Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment at Forest Lawn Museum, December 11, 2018 – April 7, 2019

Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment highlights the influential photography of 11 award-winning female photojournalists. The exhibition is a tribute to the spirit and ambition of these forward-thinking and distinguished female photographers and underscores the momentous work they have done to bring narratives from all over the world to the pages of National Geographic and into the homes of millions of people.

Women of Vision features nearly 100 photographs, including moving depictions of far-flung cultures; compelling illustrations of conceptual topics, such as memory and teenage brain chemistry; and arresting images of social issues, such as child marriage and twenty-first-century slavery. In addition, the exhibition demonstrates how National Geographic magazine picture editors work closely with the photographers to select images and tell stories. Video vignettes present first-person accounts that reveal the photographers’ individual styles, passions, and approaches to their craft.

The exhibition underscores National Geographic’s history of documenting the world through photography and its ongoing commitment to supporting photographers as important and innovative storytellers who can make a difference with their work.” — Forest Lawn Museum

BEVERLY JOUBERT.  A leopard’s spotted coat provides camouflage in the dense forest. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

AMY TOENSING. Longtime Ocean Grove visitors take a dip in the roiling Atlantic surf. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

CAROLYN DRAKE. To guide their decision-making, the Kyrgyz often seek out shamans to read their fortune with cards. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

JODI COBB. A woman in Florence, Italy, savors the message on a large greeting card. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

ERIKA LARSEN. A Sami in Sweden mourns the loss of two reindeer that starved after locking horns in a fight for dominance. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

KITRA CAHANA. Getting her tongue pierced was “exciting and scary” says a teen who succumbed to pressure from her best friend. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

DIANE COOK AND LEN JENSHEL. A double rainbow arcs above the jagged cliffs and dense vegetation of Kalalau, the largest valley on Na Pali. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

LYNN JOHNSON. Comatose and on a ventilator, a bird flu patient in Hanoi who was not expected to live made a remarkable recovery. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

LYNSEY ADDARIO. Moviegoers thrill to shaking seats and wind machines during a 3-D film at a theater closed during the war. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

MAGGIE STEBER. Nestled in their bed in Miami, Florida, four young sisters nap on a Sunday afternoon after attending church. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

STEPHANIE SINCLAIR. Nujood Ali stunned the world in 2008 by obtaining a divorce at age ten in Yemen, striking a blow against forced marriage. National Geographic exhibit “Women of Vision.”

“For the last decade, some of our most powerful stories have been produced by a new generation of photojournalists who are women. These women are as different as the places and the subjects they have covered, but they all share the same passion and commitment to storytelling that has come to define National Geographic,” said Kathryn Keane, Vice President of Public Programming and Director, National Geographic Museum. “The exhibition reaffirms the Society’s position as a respected leader in the field of photography.”

Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment is traveled and organized by the National Geographic Society. It is curated by former National Geographic Senior Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist.

Images courtesy Forest Lawn Museum.