Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator & Sunroom Project Space 2018 at Wave Hill, through August 26, 2018

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator continues Wave Hill’s efforts to examine the ways that artists engage in ecological projects that present calls to action. The exhibition documents environmental art that explores persistent problems throughout New York City.

Artists are the voice of the community. Often they are one of the first to voice social concerns and the most effective at garnering grass-roots support for important issues. Not surprisingly, as communities’ concerns about persistent environmental issues have escalated, artists have been uniquely positioned to actively respond, collaborating with engineers, designers, landscape architects, ecologists, historians and other professionals to bridge the gap between science, art and activism. Wave Hill stands at the center of this shift, providing the impetus for Wave Hill’s summer exhibition that features projects by artists, collectives, and organizations that have initiated environmental projects.

In the Sun Porch Katie Westmoreland’s presentation of kinetic tapestries responds to the space’s architecture, evoking the patterns cast by sunlight through trees and plants. Her immersive installation utilizes the passing light and shadow patterns as active mediums in her work, calling attention to the sun’s enduring, inspirational qualities.

In the Sunroom Project Space Priyanka Dasgupta and Chad Marshall create an installation that uses traditional landscape architecture, such as a conventional English garden maze, to expose the instability of identity in the United States. Dasgupta and Marshall explore the dichotomy of the sanctuary—its ability to protect as well as restrict.” — Wave Hill

The Sunroom Project Space, organized by Eileen Jeng Lynch, Curator of Visual Arts, and Natika Soward, Curatorial Fellow. The Arts at Wave Hill are overseen by Jennifer McGregor, Senior Director of Arts, Education and Programs.

Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator is organized by Wave Hill’s curatorial team, Jennifer McGregor and Eileen Jeng Lynch.

Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator are projects by artists, collectives, and organizations that have initiated environmental projects: CARBON SPONGE by Brooke Singer, DAYLIGHTING TIBBETTS BROOK PROJECTS organized by City As Living Laboratory (CALL) with SLO Architecture, and Bob Braine, LEVEE PROPOSAL FOR LOUIS VALENTINO PARK, RED HOOK, BROOKLYN by Jean Shin, (NERTM) NEW EARTH RESILIENCY TRAINING MODULE by Tattfoo Tan, NEWTOWN CREEK SAMPLING by Greg Lindquist with Willis Elkins/Newtown Creek Alliance, NYC WATERWAYS, SITE OF ACTVITY, SITE OF ACTION by Eve Mosher and Clarinda Mac Low, NYC URBAN FIELD STATION STEW-MAP and artist in residence program, ONBEHALFOF.LIFE by Environmental Performance Agency (EPA), OUTER SEED SHADOW PROJECTS FOR MARBLE HILL HOUSES AND DYCKMAN HOUSES organized by Juanli Carrión, SWALE by Mary Mattingly, THE FAIRY RING: MYCOREMEDIATION MOTHER PATCH, NEWTOWN CREEK by Jan Mun, THE POINT’S SOUTH BRONX RESILIENCY ARTS FELLOWSHIP PROJECTS by artists Blanka Amezkua, Brandon Ballengée, Lynn Cazabon and Alicia Grullon, WATERWASH BRONX RIVER by Lillian Ball.