The Long Run at The Museum of Modern Art, through November 4, 2018

“Innovation in art is often characterized as a singular event—a bolt of lightning that strikes once and forever changes the course of what follows. This installation provides an alternative view: by chronicling the continual experimentation of artists long after their breakthrough moments, it suggests that invention results from sustained critical thinking, persistent observation, and countless hours in the studio. The artists presented here, broad-ranging in background and approach, are united in their ability to produce rigorous and inspiring work, year after year, across decades.

These galleries feature works from the second half of the twentieth century. Rather than showing artists’ early efforts, we visit them later in their careers. Familiar names—Louise Bourgeois, Philip Guston, Jasper Johns, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Andy Warhol, among others—are represented through less familiar works. Also present are key works by figures who may be less well-known. All of the objects included demonstrate artists testing and expanding the boundaries of their mediums and the possibilities for art.

This installation is a celebration of all that a career entails: investigation, reflection, commitment, reconsideration, even the occasional about-face. Offering another look at the history of art over the last half-century, The Long Run is for artists and for everyone who believes in the ceaseless desire to make meaningful work.” — Introductory Wall Text

Installation views of The Long Run. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, November 11, 2017–November 4, 2018. © 2017 The Museum of Modern Art. Photos: Martin Seck.

Left: MARIO MERZ, Fall of the House of Usher, 1979. Center & right: THOMAS SCHÜTTE, Krieger, 2012

LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Articulated Lair (outside), 1986

LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Articulated Lair (inside), 1986

Left: GEORGIA O’KEEFFE, From a Day with Juan II, 1977. Center: ROMARE BEARDEN, The Dove 1971. Right: JOHN OUTTERBRIDGE, Broken Dance, Ethnic Heritage Series, c. 1978-82

Left: ROBERT COLESCOTT, Emergency Room, 1989. Center: ANNE TRUITT, Twining Court I, 2001. Right: CLAES OLDENBURG, Smoke and Reflections, 1975


Left: ELIZABETH MURRAY, Do the Dance, 2005. Left-center: WILLEM DE KOONING, Untitled III, 1982. Left-back: JOHN BALDESSARI, Six Colorful Inside Jobs, 1977

Left: LYNDA BENGLIS, Ghost Dance/Pedmarks, 1998. Right: ALMA WOODSEY THOMAS, Fiery Sunset,1973

AGNES MARTIN, With My Back to the World, 1997


Left: ANDY WARHOL, The Last Supper (detail), 1986. Center: BRUCE NAUMAN, Dirty Joke, 1987. Right: JAMES ROSENQUIST, Lady Dog Lizard (detail), 1985

Left: EDWARD RUSCHA, The End, 1991. Right: FRANK STELLA, Giufà, la luna, i ladri e le guardie, 1984



Left: ROBERT MORRIS, Untitled from the Firestorm series, 1982.  Right: GETA BRĂTESCU, Medea’s Hypostases II-IV, 1980.

Front: LEE BONTECOU, Untitled, 1980-98.

Installation view of Gallery 23

Front-left: MARCEL DUCHAMP, Female Fig Leaf, 1950. Back: Works by JASPER JOHNS


Front: ROSEMARIE TROCKEL, Copy Me, 2013. Back: GERHARD RICHTER, Series: Woods, 2005

JOAN JONAS, Reanimation, 2010/2012/2013

JOAN JONAS, Reanimation, 2010/2012/2013

Works by  VIJA CELMINS, 2016

MARTIN PURYEAR, Untitled, 1997

The Long Run was organized by Paulina Pobocha, Associate Curator, and Cara Manes, Assistant Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture.

Images courtesy The Museum of Modern Art.