Dorrance Dance: World Premiere of Myelination at New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival, October 2 & 3, 2017

Tap dance company Dorrance Dance, founded in 2011 by Artistic Director and 2015 MacArthur Fellow Michelle Dorrance, announces the World Premiere of Myelination at New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival. Myelination (2017) was commissioned, in part, by Cal Performances, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California and by New York City Center for the Fall for Dance Festival. Myelination will be seen again in New York for an extended run during the Company’s Joyce Theater season from December 19-31, 2017.

Dorrance Dance is a tap dance company based out of New York City. The company’s work aims to honor tap dance’s uniquely beautiful history in a new, dynamic, and compelling context; not by stripping the form of its tradition, but by pushing it – rhythmically, technically, and conceptually. The company’s inaugural performance garnered a Bessie Award for “blasting open our notions of tap” and the company continues its passionate commitment to expanding the audience of tap dance, America’s original art form.

ETM: Double Down. Photo by Christopher Duggan. Dancer: Ephrat Asherie

ETM: Double Down. Photo by Matthew Murphy. Dancers: Byron Tittle and Warren Craft

Sound Space. Photo by Matthew Murphy

Three To One. Photo by Ian Douglas. Dancer: Michelle Dorrance

Fall for Dance Festival. Dorrance Dance Myelination (World Premiere). Performers: Michelle Dorrance (centre), and members of the company. New York City Center, New York, N.Y., October 8, 2015. Photo by Julieta Cervantes

Myelination. Photo by Matthew Murphy. Dancers: Michelle Dorrance and Byron Tittle

Myelination. Photo by Matthew Murphy. Dancer: Nicholas Van Young