Ferran Adria: The Invention of Food at The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, September 25 – November 27, 2016

Widely celebrated for changing the landscape of gastronomy, renowned chef and restaurateur Ferran Adria (b. 1962, Spain) changed cooking in the same way Salvador Dali changed art. Ferran Adria: The Invention of Food showcases Adria’s culinary work with images of his creations paired with their inspirations from the natural world, creative notebooks elaborating his innovative thinking, and tableware and serve-ware he designed. Dali’s food-inspired paintings and flatware he designed are included in the exhibition.

Museum Director Hank Hine notes, “Adria looked so deeply and experimented so fundamentally with what was possible in creating food, that in a sense, he rediscovered it.”


186 / Marrow with Caviar (1992), ©elBulliArchive/ Francesc Guillamet


240/ white bean espuma with sea urchins, ©elBulliArchive/Francesc Guillamet


1062/ alphabet soup (2004), ©elBulliArchive/Francesc Guillamet

Open fire --- Image by © Helmut Meyer zur Capellen/Corbis

Open fire.  Image by © Helmut Meyer zur Capellen/Corbis. Inspiration for the installation detail of Nature


Detail of installation Nature designed for the exhibition Ferran Adrià. Auditing the creative process. Fundacion Telefónica. 429/ fire (2007), © elBulliArchive / Francesc Guillamet


Inspiration for butterfly


1430/ butterfly (2007), ©elBulliArchive / Francesc Guillamet


1496/ green almond juice with bitter almond polvorón (2008), ©elBulliArchive/Francesc Guillamet


Ferran Adrià ©elBulliArchive/Pepo Segura

Ferran Adria: The Invention of Food is organized by The Dali and curated by Dr. William Jeffett, Special Exhibitions Curator of The Dali; with production assistance from Fundación Telefonica and elBullifoundation.

Images courtesy The Dali Museum.