Julie Boserup: Misleading Perspectives at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, September 15 – November 26, 2016

Julie Boserup’s collection of new work for Misleading Perspectives was commissioned by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, and is the first-ever artist commission by the gallery. This exhibition was made possible with the support and assistance of the Museum of the City of New York, whose famed Wurts Brothers Collection served as the initial structure for Boserup’s unique series of large-scale collages. Inspired by the Wurts Bros.’s novel technique of aligning ground level shots of skyscrapers with images taken from the upper levels of a nearby building, Boserup adds found images, drawing, geological images and her own photographs shot in the streets of New York to an enlarged digital print from the archive.

Julie Boserup writes, “As commercial photography, these images underline the dream and vision of the building. But at the same time, when you see the amount of images that look alike, you get the feeling of how ‘skyscrapers are at once exceptional and deeply normative. Stunning and plain’ (Philip Nobel, The Future of the Skyscraper, 2015). As an artist working with collages, I find it very interesting as an early example of how you can manipulate the motive and squeeze more information into the image than what you can actually see in the viewfinder. How can we stand on the street and be in the sky at the same time? How can we see the detail and keep the overview at once?”

Julie Boserup_Bridge 3, 2016

Julie Boserup, Bridge 3, 2016

Julie Boserup_Fold, 2016

Julie Boserup, Fold, 2016

Julie Boserup_Lobby I, 2016

Julie Boserup, Lobby I, 2016

Julie Boserup_Facade 1, 2016

Julie Boserup, Facade 1, 2016

Images courtesy Sous Les Etoiles Gallery