Nature Pops! at Wave Hill, Glyndor Gallery, July 12 – September 5, 2016

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

“A half-century after the emergence of Pop art as a revolutionary response to new norms of consumerism, this exhibition brings together work by artists who recalibrate this movement in contemporary terms. Continuing to reevaluate popular culture—particularly technology’s increasing mediation of our experience—artists question whether we can still have an authentic encounter, even in the natural world. By viewing nature and the environment through a populist lens, Nature Pops! focuses on the relevance of this new work. Presenting the show in the context of Wave Hill’s gardens adds depth and dimension to the subject.

In this light, Nature Pops! affirms the fascination that the aesthetics of pop culture still has for artists, but offers nuanced perspectives, sometimes subversive, sometimes playful. The artists explore current trends in popular culture to address our connection to nature. One is a continuing dialogue with mass media, advertising imagery and brand identity; another is a critical look at our rampant consumption, as well as how new technology is influencing the way we engage with our surroundings. At times, this Pop-inspired artwork highlights the exuberant aspects of nature; at others, it underscores the enigmatic qualities of our changing relationship to the environment.” — Introductory Wall Text


Roberley Bell, Always Lime, 2014


Front: Roberley Bell, Other Landscape #18, 2015


Installation view of Nature Pops!


Polly Apfelbaum, Love Alley 4, 2012


JoAnne Carson. Left: The Volunteer, 2013. Right: Puddles, 2013


Front: Portia Munson, Stream, 2016. Back: Shinique Smith, The Spark, 2013


Top left: Shinique Smith, Through Native Streets, 2011. Bottom left: Portia Munson working on Stream


Laurie Hogin. Left: Chemical Love Birds: Excitatory and Inhibitory (Orange and Green), 2014. Center: Portrait of an Alligator Colored by Substances in the Environment, 2014. Right: Alert Response of Reptilian Species in a Forest Glen near a Culvert, 2014


Installation view of Nature Pops!


Back: Emilio Perez. Space Face (B8/S30), (F1/S3), (G3/S11), and (R6/S21), 2014. Front: Portia Munson working on Stream


Vandana Jain working on McStarbucks, 2016


Vandana Jain working on McStarbucks


Kira Nam Greene. Left to right: Mello Jello, 2016. Center: Ring Ding vs. Ding Dong, 2015. Right: Orientalism I, 2015


Amy Prior, Red, Yellow! (detail), 2016


Amie Cunat, Hideout, 2016. Site-specific installation in progress, Sunroom Project Space, Wave Hill.


Amie Cunat and an assistant working on the installation Hideout


Amie Cunat working on the installation Hideout


Joiri Minaya, Dominican Women Google Search, 2015. Installation view, Sunroom Project Space, Wave Hill

Nature Pops! is curated by Gabriel de Guzman, Curator of Visual Arts, with Jennifer McGregor, Senior Curator, and Danni Shen, Curatorial Fellow.