JEFRË: Points of Connection at Orlando Museum of Art, through January 3, 2021

JEFRË: Points of Connection, the first solo exhibition of Florida-based artist JEFRË whose large-scale work has transformed public spaces in the U.S. and abroad, is on view at the Orlando Museum of Art. The exhibition presents 40 works across the variety of mediums including sculpture, video, and site-specific installation.

Designed to be a touchless, interactive exhibition, Points of Connection introduces the audience to JEFRË’s past projects alongside a series of works exemplifying his current studio practice. Across six galleries, visitors are guided by the stanzas of the artist’s poem ‘Heart to Heart’ as they interact with immersive installations exploring his identity as a second-generation immigrant, history with heart disease, and creative work as a city placemaker.

As in his public work where JEFRË experiments with new materials and technologies, aiming to activate public spaces and bring people together through a shared experience, his museum exhibition seeks to illuminate our common humanity across age, gender, ethnicity and nationality.” — Orlando Museum of Art

Installation views of JEFRË: Points of Connection. Courtesy of Studio Jefrë.

Exhibition Entrance
Talking Heads (Collective Conscious Series/COVID-19):  Free | Love | Passionate | Independent | Brave | Confident | Survivor | Unique | Dreamer | Creative | Kind | Respectful | Beautiful | Sensitive | Blessed, 2020. Acrylic, LED neon, interactive QR Program, 58 x 50 x 53 in. (each).
Talking Heads: Collective Conscious Series/COVID-19, 2020
Talking Heads: Collective Conscious Series/COVID-19, 2020
Baks Series, 2020. Stainless Steel
Inside the artist studio. Studio Model. 24 ¼ x 25 x 27 ½ in.
One Peace, One Love (Baks Series), 2020. 13 ½ x 6 x 10 ft. Stainless steel, artificial moss, MDF, projection, facial recognition kiosk. Collection of Virgin Feast (Sir Richard Branson).
Rice Field, 2020. Expired white & Brown rice, 40 x 25 x 10 ft.
JEFRË. Singing in The Rain, 2019