Gemstone Masterpieces at Wilensky Gallery, January 9 – February 21, 2020

Wilensky, the Chelsea gallery exhibiting the art of exquisite minerals, celebrates craftsmanship that turns nature’s marvels into the extraordinary. Gemstone Masterpieces debuts featuring four world-renowned artisans, Paula Crevoshay, Manfred Wild, Nicolai Medvedev, and Naomi Sarna, each contemporary has mastered a gemstone medium, releasing an aesthetic vision from its mineral matrix.

“The lapidary arts are among the oldest in human history. It is of such great significance, that of the three major evolutionary moments we speak of this as the Stone Age. The earliest humans created objects from raw stone, mostly tools. Manipulating stone became an inextricable defining part of human evolution, and quickly went from focusing on the utilitarian to the aesthetic. It was not long after that many cultures created objects of beauty and adornment from stones. It is from this ancient human connection to stone that the modern lapidary arts emerged. The art of creating objects made of stone is integrated into the timeline of all art; it is inseparable from architecture, sculpture, and painting.” — Stuart Wilensky

Paula Crevoshay

BDW121. low res

Galactic Garden. Opal set in a handcrafted hinged cuff with a vine motif overlay design. Boulder Opal= 30.50ct. “A”, Sapphire (8)= 0.52ct. “H”, 18k yellow gold.

E1213C. low res

Russian Dream. Earings. Intarsia: 28.44ct, Amethyst (2)= 3.18ct, Apatite (28)= 2.23ct. 18k yellow gold.

P2014A2. low res

Intarsia Snowflake. This 18K yellow jewel can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch. Intarsia= 29.80ct”N”. Amethyst (6)=3.24ct”N”. Apatite (60)=2.22ct”N”.

Nicolai Medvedev

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest Box. Created by Nicolai Medvedev (in collaboration with Susan Helmich) AGTA Spectrum Awards, Objects of Art, 1st Place, 2018. Impressions in stone, an intarsia box with a vaulted lid. Materials include: 18K and 22K gold, malachite, turquoise, malachite/azurite, sugilite, lapis lazuli, opal, cultured pearl, emeralds. and diamonds.

NicolaiM_GardenofDelight_OpenFnt. low res

Garden of Delight Mystery Box. Created by Nicolai Medvedev (in collaboration with Paula Crevoshay). Hummingbird and Branch: amethyst (156), spinel (20), sapphire (265), and tsavorite (41). Ladybugs: coral and black diamonds. Removable brooch: Yogo sapphires (243), yellow sapphires (207), diamonds (65), and 18K yellow and white gold.

Garden of Delight

Garden of Delight Mystery Box. Created by Nicolai Medvedev (in collaboration with Paula Crevoshay). Composed of: lapis lazuli (Afghanistan), opal (Australia), sugilite (South Africa), malachite (Congo), turquoise (Arizona), azurite-malachite (Arizona), rhodochrosite stalactites (Argentina), maw-sit-sit (Burma), malachite (Arizona), and 18K Gold.

Naomi Sarna

Low Res. NaomiSarna-GatesOfTheMountains-AlmandineGarnet-118carats-IGSCreative

Gates of the Mountains. Stone: Alamndine Garnet. Weight: 118 carats. Dimensions: H 1.7 in. x W 1.3 in. x D 0.5 in. (H 43.18 mm x W 33.02 mm x D 12.7 mm).

Low Res. NaomiSarna-RiverWind-BlueTopaz-735carats-IGSCreative

River Wind. Stone: Blue Topaz. Wight: 735 carats. Metal: Sterling Silver. Dimensions: H 3.55 in. x W 2.05 in. x D 1.19 in. (H 90 mm x W 52 mm x D 30 mm).

Manfred Wild


Blossom Egg. 189 pink and red tourmalines (121.17cts.), 66 rubellites (50.57cts.), 249 aquamarines (169.37cts.), 136 yellow beryls (101.92 cts.), 90 mandarin garnets (36.87cts.), 45 morganites (28.10 cts.), 35 iolites (14.34 cts.), 52 tanzanites (17.47 cts.), 118 peridots (179.60 cts.), 22 citrines (8.74 cts.), 250 emeralds (17.65 cts.), 90 rubies (13.54 cts.), 82 sapphires (11.20 cts.), and 1,297 diamond brilliants (26.58 cts.).


Clarinet. Rock Crystal (Madagascar), 551 diamonds (8.04 cts.), 18K and 24K gold framing (158 grams). This handmade rock crystal and gold clarinet, is the only playable quartz clarinet in existence. Measuring 680 mm. in length, and weighing 1,185 grams.

Images courtesy Wilensky Gallery.