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Simon Starling: At Twilight (After W. B. Yeats’ Noh Reincarnation) at Japan Society Gallery, through January 15, 2017

“Japan Society Gallery hosts the solo institutional debut in New York City of Turner Prize-winning artist Simon Starling with his major new installation, Simon Starling: At Twilight (After W. B. Yeats’ Noh Reincarnation). The ambitious, new multimedia production by Starling incorporates major Western Modernist as… Read More

For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979 at Japan Society Gallery through January 10, 2016 and at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery through December 5, 2015

“In 1968, amid an economic boom, many in Japan registered widespread discontent over social inequalities. At the same time, the country was roiled by protests against the Vietnam War and the upcoming renewal of a treaty extending American occupation. These circumstances mark the point of departure for For a New World… Read More