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Echoes: City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography at Alma Gallery, June 24 – July 30, 2016

Echoes: City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography, is the second of two linked exhibitions that celebrate Hungarian photography from László Moholy-Nagy to today. The exhibition is part of Modernity X Hungary—A Festival of Hungarian Modernism in New York, a series of exhibitions, concerts, and performances taking place through… Read More

Impact: Abstraction & Experiment in Hungarian Photography at Alma Gallery, May 10 – June 18, 2016

Impact: Abstraction & Experiment in Hungarian Photography highlights László Moholy-Nagy’s experimental drive and his tendency toward abstraction. It juxtaposes his photograms and photo-collages with the work of twenty other artists, past and present, who share these impulses. Moholy-Nagy’s fascination with new media is evident in his remarkable color film, “Light Machine” (1941), and it… Read More