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Fondazione Prada, Milan, reopened June 5, 2020

Fondazione Prada reopened its doors in Milan on June 5, 2020. After the interruption of activities due to the health emergency, the exhibition program of the Milan venue is modified. The exhibition spaces will be accessible to the public from Friday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm. Audience will be able to visit the three temporary exhibitions “K”, “The Porcelain Room”, and “Storytelling”.

“K”, a project that explores the literary universe of Franz Kafka through the works of Martin Kippenberger, Orson Welles, and Tangerine Dream, is extended until October 25, 2020.

Martin Kippenberger. The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s “Amerika,” 1994. Mixed media (chairs, tables, and other objects), electric cables, green base painted with white lines, two bleachers. c. 30 x 20 m. Private collection. For this installation also Memphis and Private collection, Milan © Estate of Martin Kippenberger, Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne

Orson Welles. The Trial, 1962. 118 min. English with Italian subtitles. Distributed by Filmauro. Screened in loop from 10:15 am to 6:15 pm

Tangerine Dream. Franz Kafka, the Castle, 2013. 69 min. Produced by Edgar Froese. Distributed by Eastgate Music & Arts, Berlin. Played in loop

“The Porcelain Room”, an artistic investigation on the historical context, purpose and impact of Chinese export porcelain, is extended until January 10, 2021.

Exhibition views of  “The Porcelain Room – Chinese Export Porcelain”. Curated by Jorge Welsh and Luísa Vinhais. Fondazione Prada, Milan. Photos: Delfino Sisto Legnani.

“Storytelling”, a solo show devoted to artist Liu Ye, is extended until January 10, 2021.

Liu Ye. The Little Match-seller, 2004. Acrylic on canvas, 220 x 180 cm. M+, Hong Kong

Liu Ye. Left: Mondrian in the Morning, 2000. Acrylic on canvas, 180 x 180 cm. Private Collection, Beijing. Right: Prelude, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 cm. Private Collection, Beijing

Liu Ye. Catherine Deneuve, 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 45 cm. Private Collection, Beijing

Fondazione Prada’s website and social channels will continue to operate as a laboratory of ideas and a flexible and creative platform where new digital projects such as “Love Stories”, conceived by Francesco Vezzoli for Fondazione Prada’s Instagram account and running until July 19, 2020, will be developed.

The venetian outpost of Ca’ Corner della Regina and Osservatorio in Milan will reopen to the public in 2021.

Title image: Fondazione Prada, Milan. Photo by Bas Princen.

Images courtesy Fondazione Prada.

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