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State of Extremes at Design Museum Holon, Israel, through October 24, 2020

“Design Museum Holon presents State of Extremes, an original, large-scale exhibition of contemporary design that probes the social, technological and environmental crises that increasingly define our current condition of extremes—while also showing ways in which design can act as a mediating, moderating and healing force. Curated by Aric Chen with Maya Dvash, Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon, and Azinta Plantenga State of Extremes includes over 70 works by international and Israeli designers and studios. It marks the museum’s 10th anniversary, coming a decade after the museum’s inaugural 2010 exhibition, The State of Things.” — Design Museum Holon

In 2010, The State of Things inaugurated the Design Museum Holon by presenting a landscape of objects,” says curator Aric Chen, who was also a member of that earlier exhibition’s curatorial team. “Now, ten years later, State of Extremes instead describes a condition—one in which the world has changed and, with it, design and design practice.

In the last decade, design and innovation have driven us to envision newness in the world, in the pursuit of solutions to everyday problems,” says Maya Dvash, Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon. “However, our advancements have created unforeseeable consequences to humankind. ‘State of Extremes’ offers a vivid picture of where we are and where we are going”.

Category: Spiraling. Keiichi Matsuda, Merger, 2018, Video, 4:02 minutes

Category: Polarization. Nathan Smith and Sam T. Smith, ME & EU, 2016

Category: Extremer. Lucy McRae, Compression Cradle, 2019. Photo credit: Scottie Cameron

Category: Extremer. Adam Nathaniel Furman for Camp Design Gallery, In collaboration with Abet Laminati, Benevolente–The Royal Family, 2019. Image credit: Federico Floriani

Category: Extremer. Bas Princen, Valley (Jing’an), 2007. Inkjet, digital print

Category: New Normal. Jun Kamei, Amphibio, 2018. Photo credit: Jukan Tateisi

Category: New Normal. Stephan Bogner, Philipp Schmitt, Jonas Voigt, Raising Robotic Natives, 2016. Mixed materials

Category: Extreme Lab. Meydan Levy, Neo Fruit, 2018. Bogdan Sokol. Photo credit: Shay Maman

Category: Extreme Lab. Meydan Levy, Neo Fruit, 2018. Bogdan Sokol. Photo credit: Shay Maman

Category: Extreme Lab. Kuang-Yi Ku, Tiger Penis Project, 2018. Image credit: Yu-Tzu Huang

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