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Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection at International Center of Photography (ICP), February 8 – April 28, 2019

Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection—surveys the nuanced ways people present themselves for the camera, how and by whom they are represented, and who is deemed worthy of commemoration. Featuring a range of images including studio portraits, snapshots, and documentary photographs—all drawn from the ICP Collection—this exhibit features a daguerreotype of a bedridden woman by Southworth & Hawes, a cart-de-visite featuring Sojourner Truth holding her knitting, Samuel Fosso’s performative self-portraits, as well as an FBI wanted poster.” —  International Center of Photography

“We live in a hyper-photographic culture, where we are creating and capturing images of ourselves and others at a rapid pace,” says Erin Barnett, ICP’s director of exhibitions and collections. “With Your Mirror, which explores the historic context of portraiture, we aim to gain understanding of the ways in which people made— or didn’t make—decisions about how they were presented for the camera and for society. There couldn’t be a more important time to examine the ways in which photography shapes our ideas about others and ourselves.”

Robert Capa, [Robert Capa photographing John Steinbeck through a mirror, Moscow, USSR], August–September 1947. International Center of Photography, The Robert and Cornell Capa Archive (2010.91.516) © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos

Samuel Fosso, Self Portrait, 1977. International Center of Photography, Purchase, with funds provided by the ICP Aquisitions Committee, 2004 (19.2004) © Samuel Fosso, Courtesy JM Patras/Paris

Marc Riboud, [Anti-Vietnam war demonstration, Washington], October 21, 1967. International Center of Photography (11.1975) © Marc Ribouc/ Magnum Photos

David Seidner, Jessye Norman, ca. 1995. International Center of Photography, David Seidner Archive (2007.65.5) © David Seidner Archive/ International Center of Photography

Sheng Qi, Memories (Me), 2000. International Center of Photography, Purchase, with funds provided by Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz, 2004 (7.2004) © Sheng Qi

Southworth & Hawes, [Unidentified Woman], ca. 1845-50. International Center of Photography, Gift of Samuel Lehr, 2010 (2010.123.2)

Unidentified Photographer, Missing: Call FBI, June 29, 1964. International Center of Photography, Anonymous Gift, 2005 (10.2005)

Unidentified Photographer, I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance. Sojourner Truth, 1864. International Center of Photography, Purchase, with funds provided by the ICP Acquisitions Committee, 2003 (182.2003)

Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Woman at “Beach”], ca. 1880. International Center of Photography, Museum Purchase, 2009 (2009.3.1)

Nontsikelelo Veleko, Nonkululeko, 2003-2004. International Center of Photography, Purchase with funds provided by Gregory Miller, 2005 (2092.2005) ©Nonstikelelo Veleko / Courtesy of AFRONOVA Gallery

Weegee, [Frank Pape, arrested for strangling boy to death, New York], November 10, 1944. International Center of Photography, Weegee Archive (2068.1993). © Weegee/International Center of Photography

Your Mirror: Portraits from the ICP Collection is curated by Erin Barnett, director of exhibitions and collections, and Claartje van Dijk, assistant curator, collections.

Images courtesy International Center of Photography.

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