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“Helle Damkjaer. Danish Elegance: Shapes, Materials and Design at Galerie Carole Decombe, Paris, through January 20, 2018

Helle Damkjaer. Danish Elegance: shapes, materials and design is an exhibition that brings together the works of Danish ceramist and contemporary designer Helle Damkjær. The exhibition reveals her elegant organic patterned sculptures, fine furniture as well as her timeless jewellery. Without ever getting stuck in one unique vision, Helle loves to play with shapes and materials. Her creative design, both simple and extremely thought through, is a testament to her Scandinavian roots. She is a worthy successor to this traditional art and never ceases to reinvent it.

Ceramist and multi-talented designer, Helle Damkjær was born in Denmark and has been living in France for over ten years. She has worked for several luxury firms in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Copenhagen such as Kitani, Georg Jensen, Tai ping and Guerlain. Today she is the recipient of several prestigious awards (Red Dot Design Award, Design Plus Award, Wallpaper magazine design award ….) and one of the most recognised names in contemporary Danish creation design.

Helle Damkjaer’s work is often described as elegant and sensual. An impression born from a perfect balance between materials, shapes and design. Be it furniture, lighting, ceramics or jewellery, her worksnalways radiate a sculptural smoothness.” — Galerie Carole Decombe

Tall White (S), Earthenware sculpture, 2017

Tall White (M), Earthenware sculpture, 2017

Tall White (XL), Sandstone sculpture, 2017

Asymmetric White, Earthenware sculpture, 2017

Oval Centerpiece, Sandstone sculpture, 2017

White Soft, Earthenware sculpture, 2017

White Wave M, Earthenware sculpture, 2017

Bronze 1, polished bronze, 2016

Code Bar side tables, brass, 2017

Jewels pendant and wall light, brass and Murano glass, 2017

Photos by Jeremy Josselin, courtesy Galerie Carole Decombe.

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