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Sandra Muss: Portals Inaugurates The Woods In The Kreeger Museum Sculpture Garden May 18, 2017

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

Portals, a site-specific, permanent installation by artist Sandra Muss inaugurates the woods portion of the Kreeger Museum Sculpture Garden. The Kreeger’s expansion of its outdoor exhibition space allows visitors the opportunity to experience art in a natural setting. Muss’s installation creates a lyrical environment in the sculpture garden and is intended to be appreciated on many levels, as a literal and metaphorical path into the natural world. Installed to create the perception of gateways, or portals, the columns invite visitors to journey through and around them.

“The five and one-half acre Kreeger Museum Sculpture Garden is a natural extension of the Museum, expanding its exhibition space for contemporary sculpture, while offering a contemplative environment for the public to engage with art and nature, “ says Judy Greenberg, Director of the Kreeger Museum. “Portals (2016) was conceived in response to the environment, reflecting the surroundings and the change of seasons, and encouraging visitors, as they meander through the trees, to interact with the sculpture. The installation provides a significant contribution to this next phase of the development of The Kreeger Museum Sculpture Garden.”

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