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Frank Stella: A Retrospective at Whitney Museum of American Art, October 30, 2015 – February 7, 2016

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

Frank Stella: A Retrospective brings together the artist’s best-known works installed alongside lesser known examples to reveal the extraordinary scope and diversity of his nearly sixty-year career. Approximately 100 works, including icons of major museum and private collections, will be shown. Along with paintings, reliefs, sculptures, and prints, a selection of drawings and maquettes have been included to shed light on Stella’s conceptual and material process.” — Whitney Museum

“The essence of freedom … is something that is able to overcome its own boundaries. The question is not only to be able to define things, but also to have the boundaries be felt in the proper way they are defining, but not limiting.” — Frank Stella

Left: Astoria, 1958. Center: The Marriage of Reason and Squalor II, 1959. Right: Great Jones Street, 1958.

Left: Creede I, 1961. Right Creede II, 1961

Left to right: Marrakech, 1964; Palmito Ranch, 1961;  A vicenna, 1960; Jasper’s Dilemma, 1962

Jasper’s Dilemma, 1962

Left: Moultonville II, 1966. Right: Effingham II, 1966

Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation III), 1970

Harran II, 1967

Left: St. Michael’s Counterguard, 1984. Right: Grajau I, 1975

Left: Grajau I, 1975. Right: Grajau II, 1975

St. Michael’s Counterguard, 1984

Left: Gobba, zoppa e collotorto, 1985. Right: Chodorow II, 1971

Gobba, zoppa e collotorto, 1985

Kamionka Strumilowa IV, 1972

Left: Jarmolince III, 1973. Right: Piaski II, 1973

Inaccessible Island rail, 5.5x, 1976

Left: Bechhofen, 1972. Center: Lac Laronge IV, 1969. Right: Khar-pidda 5.5x, 1978

Eskimo Curlew, 1976

Left: Fedallah (IRS-4, 1.875X), 1988. Center: The Whiteness of the Whale (IRS-1,2X), 1987. Right: Loomings (S-7, 3X), 1986

The Blanket, (IRS-8, 1.875X), 1988

The Grand Armada (IRS-6, 1X), 1989

La penna di hu, 1987–2009

Left: La penna di hu, 1987–2009. Right: redjang, 2009

Left: ‘At Sainte Luce!’ [Hoango] [Q#1], 1998. Right: K.81 combo (K.37 and K.43) large size, 2009

Front: kandampat (side view), 2002. Back: K.459, 2012

Right: kandampat, 2002

Raft of the Medussa, (Part I), 1990

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