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When We Were Soldiers… once and young, a photographic installation by Bettina WitteVeen at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Building, September 19 – October 24

Basement Exit Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Building, New York, USA

“We are not hard-wired for war. Warfare is a tragic aberration of the neurotic aspects of a society. Let me explain that I am an abolitionist of warfare. Like the abolitionists of slavery who published painful images to show the inhumanity of slavery and to rally support, I show the reality and ravages of war.” — Bettina WitteVeen 

“In Memoriam”. Main Floor

Triptych “Body”. Alma Battleeld, Crimea, Ukraine

“Cross of Suffering”. Patient Treatment Room, Main Floor

“The Battle”. Main Floor Hallway

“The Battle”. (Left to Right): Former DMZ, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. Battleeld, Operation Overlord, St.Mere Eglise, France.  UH-1 Iriquois helicopter, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. US special forces, 1964, Vietnam

“The Battle”. (Left to Right): Schoolgirls at Hue, Vietnam. Site of Japanese Garrison, WWII, Yap Island, Micronesia

“War Invisible”. Main Floor

“War Invisible”. (Left to Right): Big Dog Robot (Boston Dynamics). Robotic Hand

“Calvary”. Basement Exit

“The Memories of the Heart”. (Left to Right): Landscape: Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine. British soldier in barbed wire, WWI, France

“Cross of Suffering”. (Left to Right): Blind veteran, WWII, Germany. Battleeld, Ardennes Offensive, Mezieres, Belgium

“Anonymous”. (Left to Right): Battleeld Chemin des Dames, Aisne, France. Rape victim, Sudan

“Altar of Redemption and Resurrection”. (Left & Right) Windows Gedächtniskirche, Berlin, Germany. (Center) Face Injury, X-Ray, WWI, Germany

Images courtesy of Bettina WitteVeen

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