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Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden at the New Museum, June 10 – September 13, 2015

“Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden” includes a selection of the artist’s early self-portraits, his “post-non-objective” canvases, his computer paintings and switch paintings from the 1990s, and more recent works fusing appropriated advertising signage and abstract marks. Rather than following a chronological path through Oehlen’s prodigious thirty-year career, the exhibition explores contrasts between interior and exterior, nature and culture, and irony and sincerity, while also demonstrating the artist’s commitment to continually expanding the language of painting in surprising ways.” — New Museum

Albert Oehlen (b.1954, Krefeld, Germany). Untitled, 2005. Installation

Detail: Untitled, 2005. Installation

Right: Selbstportrait mit Einlochtopf [Self-portrait with One-hole Vase], 1984

Left: Untitled, 2009–11

Installation view of the third floor

Installation view of the third floor

Installation view of the third floor

Installation view of the third floor

Untitled, 2002

Selbst als Frühling [Self-portrait as Spring], 2006

Left: Party Dreams, 2001

Right: Heilige Und Kämpfer [Saints and Fighters], 1997

Captain Jack, 1997

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

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